We've got TOC Music Festival 3 day passes all this week in the morning, and believe it or not your age could make you a winner.

Just be listening all this week at 7:40 am because "Mr. Morning & Suzy" will try something that's never been done on the radio before. (Maybe it has, but we never heard it), they will try and guess your age.

Now this may seem impossible, but Mr. Morning & Suzy have been doing a lot of mind manipulation, and with a few simple questions they will attempt to guess your age. If they do and come within 3 years of your actual age, then your going to the Taste of Country Music Festival June 8th through June 10th at Hunter Mountain.

You'll see Eric  Church, Sam Hunt, and Florida Georgia Line, along with dozens of other Country Superstars all heading to the mountain in June.

So be amazed, be astounded, you won't believe what you'll be hearing all this week in the morning. They say it can't be done, so listen for yourself, your mind will be blown, as "Mr. Morning & Suzy" try and guess your age.

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