Those are just two of the many roles a streaming service TV show is looking to fill with ONLY Hudson Valley residents!

If you have ever thought about putting yourself on TV, or simply thought it might be fun to try and do some sort of acting, here is your chance to be a part of a show that's filming in the Hudson Valley.

According to the Hudson Valley Film Commission Actors and Crew Facebook page, they are looking to fill a bunch of roles for the new Peacock series "Poker Face". We told you last month about a few roles that were available at the time and now it looks like more roles have been added. This could be the break you've been waiting for, or it could be a fun experience to try out.


Roles That They Are Interested in Filling

The casting call is for any Hudson Valley resident that fits any of the following roles:

Male Roles

Large Hairy Man- must be between in the age range of 30 to 60, interested people must also be heavyset with lots of body hair specifically on their back. The casting call also states that the person "must be comfortable in a bathing suit & shirtless, putting sunscreen on in the beach scene.
Upscale Casino Guests in Suits, 30s-50s age range.
European-looking men will portray the entourage of the main actor. 20s-50s age range.
Casino Security & Casino Pit Bosses. 30s-50s age range.
Casino Bartenders. 20s-50s age range.


Female Roles

Rich Woman in a Car, 40-50s age range.
High-End Escort/Call Girl, 18-30 age range.
Snowboarder/Athlete Type, attractive, cool, physically fit, 18-22 age range.
Casino Cocktail Waitresses, 20s-30s age range.

If you plan on auditioning for any of the roles mentioned above, be aware that the production does have a mandatory vaccination policy and requires all cast and crew to be fully vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine. If cast, everyone will be required to take a COVID test before filming. The casting call also said that most of the scenes will be filmed with "atmospheric & herbal smoke" so all participants need to be OK with that.

Specific dates for filing haven't been determined yet but will most likely be sometime between now and May 11th. If you are interested in auditioning, get started online here, and good luck.

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