I heard the name Scovill so many times in our house growing up. Quite a few of my relatives worked for Scovill Manufacturing in Waterbury while it existed. I get a kick out of seeing the old photos of where my grandparents used to work.

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I was bouncing around YouTube and found a vintage video called 'A Glimpse of Connecticut 1960's' that was posted by Travelfilmarchive, and I was entranced. The video highlights the massive industrial base that thrived here in Connecticut during the 1960's, quite a few of the places that you might remember your grandparents or parents talking about while you were growing up. It's so interesting to see the classic signs and views of our cities before they exploded in size, and there are quite a few that have totally gone away. Here's a few that caught my eye.

Vintage Video Reveals Robust Connecticut Industry of the 1960's

I found a really cool vintage travel film from the Connecticut Development Commission, it was shot in the early 1960's Connecticut and focuses on our state's incredible industrial past. Many of the vintage overhead and land-based shots are of places that our parents and grandparents worked. Here are a few that I thought were great.

If you have twenty minutes to spare, you can watch the whole thing -

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