We almost thought that we escaped the big snow. Sure, we had one or two storms to contend with. Just last week we had a mess of a day. But was anyone fully prepared for, dum dum DUM! SNOWMAGEDDON 2017?

I tried. You can ask those who saw me yesterday freaking out a bit. Not because I was afraid to drive in the snow. Nope! Been there, done this a thousand times. But what was being predicted I knew that my little car couldn't handle. While the rest of the office was thinking about bringing work home with them and hunkering down for the big storm, the crazy disc jockeys were all geared up about being here to go on the air to tell everyone else to stay home.

I took the KICKSmobile home with me last night and made sure my little car was all tucked in here at the radio station.

This morning, I looked outside and thought, "LET'S DO THIS!"

Come along and see what happens......

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