One of the fun things about Halloween growing up was the decorations. To this day, I will gawk at someone's yard who has a few skeletons or ghosts or zombies in it this time of year.

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We found a YouTube video of a couple that finds stuff and re-sells that stuff. They call themselves, Coastal Resale Therapy, and they find cool stuff and sell that cool stuff to make a living. Sounds like a lot of fun to me, especially when you stumble upon some incredible finds that yield some nice profits. I sometimes will sell stuff on eBay and I know exactly how it works, but these folks have perfected it.

YouTube/Coastal Resale Therapy
YouTube/Coastal Resale Therapy

Let's check out some of the items "Amy" found during her trip to Connecticut to her sister's baby shower.

Valuable Vintage Halloween Decorations In Great Condition Found In Connecticut

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