Many roads are still closed after Tuesday's crazy storm and there are still a lot of homes that are still relying on flashlights and outdoor barbeques (btw- please never bring a bbq inside your house, grilling is meant for outdoors).

Crews have been working on getting power restored to the many areas that are still without power. All of the damage has been assessed and electricity has been restored in many areas. Eversource reports that most communities are "substantially complete" meaning that less than 1 percent are currently (pun always intended) without power. Here are the latest restoration estimates from Eversource:

  • Bethel - Friday, 11:59pm
  • Bridgewater - Friday, noon
  • Brookfield - Sunday, noon
  • Danbury - Sunday, noon
  • Middlebury - today, noon
  • Monroe - Sunday, noon
  • Naugatuck - Friday, 11:59pm
  • New Fairfield - Saturday, 11:59pm
  • New Milford - today, 11:59pm
  • Newtown - Sunday, noon
  • Oxford - Saturday, 11:59pm
  • Redding - Friday, 11:59pm
  • Ridgefield - Saturday, 11:59pm
  • Roxbury - Friday, noon
  • Seymour - Friday, 11:59pm
  • Sherman - Saturday, noon
  • Southbury - Saturday, noon
  • Woodbury - today, 11:59pm

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