I find it funny when bloggers from elsewhere come up with these lists of cool things to do in Connecticut, specifically Waterbury. Most of the time it's 'Go to Pepe's! Have a white clam pie', or 'There's a magical field in Naugatuck where you can see the mist from Hop Brook Lake get whipped up by owl wings.'

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I read one on Facebook the other day from an out-of-state blogger , it was "Twelve fun things to do in Waterbury', and they went on to list the usual suspects - Go to Frankie's, the Palace Theater, the Mattatuck Museum, the laser joint on Wolcott Street, etc. All of those places are great, they would be fun if you're looking to have a normal day. But, one of the suggestions struck me, it was 'Enjoy Library Park, and the beautiful landscaping' or something to that effect.

Seriously, I have great respect for Waterbury Mayor O'Leary, his staff, and the city workers for their hard work and efforts to beautify our city, but, I've also lived in Waterbury my whole life. If I told a fellow adult that they should spend a Saturday sitting on the bench outside of the Waterbury Library, I think I would be doing them a disservice. Yes, it's beautiful, but I think you'll run into some surprising characters that you wouldn't expect if you hung out there for more than an hour.

So, if you're looking for something out of the usual to do in Waterbury, Connecticut, here are 5 unique activities/things that I think you would find more enjoyable than most of the suggestions that come up when you Google.

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