A Danbury man is being held on $250,000 bond after a police detective witnessed a heated argument yesterday afternoon (October 30) that reportedly ended in a stabbing.

The DPD sent out a press release which states that at about 12:35 pm, Detective Len LaBonia was in plain clothes on Main Street in Danbury when he says he saw 21-year-old Gabriel Silba arguing with another man.

At that point, Detective LaBonia reportedly got out of his unmarked police car to defuse the situation when he says he witnessed Silba stab the other man. Silba allegedly tried to run, but he was quickly stopped by the detective. Apparently, the argument was because Silba had allegedly stolen a pair of boots from the other man.

An ambulance arrived to transport the stabbing victim to Danbury Hospital where he was treated for injuries sustained during the argument. Gabriel Silba was arrested and charged with Robbery, First degree Larceny, Sixth degree Assault and First Breach of Peace.

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