USPS is about to go postal on the employee who instead of delivering mail, allegedly threw it in the woods. reports that investigators from The Office of the Inspector General confirmed that a bunch of undelivered mail was found in the woods near Voris Drive and Wellington Lane in Somers, New York. The mail was allegedly dumped there by a postal employee. This is an ongoing investigaton, so details are sketchy and it is unclear how long the mail has been piling up in the woods. Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Jeffrey Powers said that the evidence collected can and will be used for criminal prosecution.

This is what USPS had to say:

The Postal Service condemns, in the strongest possible sense, behavior that jeopardizes the security and sanctity of the U.S. Mail or threatens to tarnish the reputation and high level of trust that the vast majority of our employees work so hard to uphold. The matter is under investigation by the U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General." - statement from the United States Postal Service

The article also stated that some residents have already had mail gone missing and others have lost faith that their mail is safe.

"I don't know if it's related to this, but I never got my bank card, my debit card,  from Chase. They said it was sent out August 13, and I had never gotten it.  So they got me a new one." - Fred Ostrofsky, Somers resident

This is not the first issue with the United States Postal Service in Westchester county. Representatives from the towns of Greenburgh, Larchmont and Ossining, are seeking investigations to correct the issues with their resident's mail.

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