The suspect has allegedly been a part of numerous robberies in Saugerties, according to Police.

If you spend any time in Ulster County, specifically in the Saugerties, Kingston area, local police are asking for help in locating a suspect that has allegedly been behind numerous larcenies in the area according to a post on the Saugerties Police Departments Facebook page.

The post states:

"WANTED PERSON: The below individual has not been cooperative with law enforcement. Anyone who comes into contact with him is encouraged to contact the Saugerties Police Department or your local police agency."


Saugerties Police Deartment/Facebook
Saugerties Police Deartment/Facebook

The Suspect

Dustin J Van Etten is a 23-year-old white male, weighing 120 lbs. He stands 5' 5 inches and has brown hair and brown eyes. According to police, Van Etten has not only been "uncooperative" with police but is also wanted for numerous car break-ins in the Saugerties area. Police also said that in addition to being wanted for the car break-ins, Van Etten is also wanted for a separate robbery in Saugerties and grand larceny that involved a credit card theft.

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Van Etten's last known address is in the Delaware Street area of Kingston. Saugerties police are asking anyone that might have come in contact with Van Etten or anyone with information as to where Van Etten might be to contact the Saugerties Police Department at 845-246-9800.

Police warn that if anyone does happen to come in contact with a wanted suspect, "never try to apprehend a wanted person yourself." If you have information on a wanted suspect's location, call your local police department as they are available to investigate 24 hours a day.

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