A not-for-profit pharmacy is designed to help folks regardless of income level, to receive treatment and care.

It's hard to imagine but depending on where you live in the Hudson Valley there are some communities that don't have an area pharmacy to get prescriptions filled or a place close by to get medical care. One of those areas is in Ulster County and if one Hudson Valley native has his way, the Hudson Valley will no longer have "health care and pharmacy deserts".

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Wellness Rx's Pharmacy for the Public Good

The wellness center is an idea that Ed Ullmann has brought to life in hopes of giving residents in Ulster County a place to receive treatment and care from a non-profit pharmacy and not a corporate one, regardless of income level according to Spectrum News. The Wellness Rx's Pharmacy for the Public Good held a ribbon-cutting ceremony recently as they are now offering care for folks in Phoenicia, New York. The center is located at 53 Main St, Phoenicia, NY, and will now provide the community with much-needed help on the healthcare side of things.

Ullmann told Spectrum that he "wants the pharmacy to be embedded in the community they serve and concerned more with the well-being of their customers rather than making money." The not-for-profit wellness center ribbon cutting was attended by some powerful Hudson Valley politicians including State Senator Michelle Hinchey who told Spectrum that officials in Albany can be doing much more to eliminate pharmacy deserts in New York and support efforts like this,

"Working closely with and seeing what it is that they need and seeing the types of grant programs that we should be elevating to actually bring in a deeper, stronger health care systems into our rural areas."

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A Second Location Coming Soon

Ullmann also said that the movement isn't stopping in Phoenicia as he announced that a similar community-based, non-profit pharmacy and wellness center should be opening within the next 18 months in New Lebanon, New York in Columbia County.

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