Biker ALERT!

If you or someone you know is a motorcycle rider and has plans to attend either of the two popular Americade or Warrensburg Bike Rally's be sure to adjust your calendars because both have been moved to September of this year according to News 10.

The Warrensburg Bike Rally has officially announced that they are following the same plan as fellow rally organizers at Americade and rescheduling this years rally, originally scheduled for June, to undetermined dates in September. Organizer Edward Zilbo made the announcement by saying that part of planning the rally in 2021 means "thinking about human safety in a lot more ways than just road safety."

The Americade Rally organizer Christian Dutcher, who announced back in January that Americade, scheduled to take place in Lake George, was moving their dates to September 21st through the 25th, cited challenges when it comes to rescheduling his rally. He said, "One challenge about us changing is the loss of traffic to the restaurants and other businesses through the Adirondacks that could really use the financial injection."

Dutcher did say that there is a benefit for Americade moving to September, with the new dates the bike rally will coincides with the Adirondack Balloon Festival. Both festivals hope to bring in some much needed money for the community.

Organizers for both rally's did say that they both expected to release more information on their respective festivals in the next few weeks so that any who plans on attending can make travel and overnight plans.

When they make their announcements we will update this article.

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