Don't you love it when a business/restaurant owner thinks up a brilliant name for their business? Something memorable that will draw them in by words alone. Two very different businesses in Wolcott have done that to me.

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For most of my life, I giggled every time I drove through Wolcott on RT. 69/Wolcott Road and passed Perfection Screw. Yes, I was 14 the first time I saw that sign, but even into my old age, I chuckled. C'mon, what a brilliant idea it was to name your screw and rivet company 'Perfection Screw'. Sadly, the company with the name that made me smile is no longer in existence. Perfection Screw & Rivet was bought out by another company, with a far less interesting name in 2019. To add insult to an already sad situation, look at what the real estate people did in that photo you see above, they covered the brilliance with a sign. Boooooo Drubner.


The good news is, there's a new brainiac in Wolcott. Mrs. Large and I were delighted to see The Hangry Fork, and their tagline 'Come Hangry. Leave Happy'. Assume Perfection Screw's title as 'The Wittiest Business Name in Connecticut'. Hangry is such a descriptive word, I've gone through much of my life hangry, and didn't realize it until someone thought up the mash up of hungry and angry. Hangry Fork is on 69 also, they're just before you get to Cedar Lake, and Bristol, in the plaza at 2 North Street.

If you're trying to come up with a good name for your business or restaurant, ask your friend who lives in Wolcott. Two of the best names that for local businesses come from the land sandwiched between Bristol and Waterbury, there's something witty flowing in those waters over the Scoville Dam.

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