All donuts are not equal, or should I spell it doughnut? We have plenty of national retailers serving up generic piles of sugar in Connecticut, but we also have a couple of local donut Masters who shouted "Enough! I can make a better dozen", and did.

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Hold your head high, we have (at least) two local Connecticut donut masters that have landed among the best of the best that the USA offers in doughnuts. According to's list of The Best Doughnut Places Across the U.S., Neil's Donuts in Wallingford and Middletown, and Stamford's Lakeside Diner serve some of the best donuts in all of the United States of America.

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Let me start by saying, good for both of them for choosing the right side in the donut vs doughnut spelling debate. Does the rest of the country really enjoy the 'ugh' in their donut that much?

It was my sister Carla and her husband Karl that introduced me to the wonders of Wallingford & Middletown's Neil's Donuts. They brought a dozen over on a Sunday back in 2010, and opened my eyes as to what I've been missing. Neil's donuts are incredible. The Key Lime, Vanilla French Cruller, and Maple Bacon are my favorites. Neil's sells so many, so quickly, there's no chance that you'll buy a stale donut. I always groan when I see the line out the door as I pull up, but wow, what a bunch of dedicated, hard working employees. They're putting out a superior product every day. If you haven't tried them, go, seriously, Neil's lives up to all of the hype.

loading... has also chosen Stamford's Lakeside Diner's donuts as one of the best in the US. I haven't tried them, but they look delicious. Long Ridge Road, here I come.

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