We're calling it "Bears Throwing Paws in Poughquag"!

Over the last few weeks it seems like I've seen way more pictures and videos of wildlife running all around the Hudson Valley then ever before. Are the animals just as excited as we are about us coming out of the COVID pandemic? I think they might be!!!

We've gotten reports of folks seeing bobcats, foxes, all kinds of different animals that most of us can identify, (except this one, still not really sure what that is...LOL). With the way the world is today basically everything is being recorded, it's really cool that we can actually see some of these animals in action.

Bears also seem to be one of the animals that lots of folks have caught on camera doing something and sometimes that something leads to a little dust up between two friend bears...thanks to Mike who sent us this video that was recorded last night in Poughquag in Dutchess County....

WOW! To me it looks like neither bear had any idea the other was around and when they did notice each other, one was like GET OUTTA HERE..this place is MINE!! They actually look like two heavyweights in a boxing ring towards the end of the video. No word on which bear won the "Battle in Poughquag" but I'm hoping that they both are safely recovering in a cave somewhere in Dutchess County.

If you have any pictures or maybe some video of any animals in your neck of the woods, we would love to see what you have. You can send them to me anytime at CJ@HUDSONVALLEYCOUNTRY.COM If we get anything that we can share, I'll update this article with some of our finds.

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