Just when you thought the traffic couldn't get any worse, commuters who use certain routes in Carmel will have to find alternate ways to get around. It's all part of the next phase of a repaving project that will close parts of Route 6 and 52 in Carmel over the next seven to ten days.

According to patch.com, the project, which during this phase of the milling and repaving work will run from the area of Route 6 at Belden Road and continue to Route 52 at Vink Drive, was scheduled to start Sunday. Putnam County Executive MaryEllen Odell had this to say in a statement about the repaving work:

The state DOT has a lot of competing projects to consider, State Assemblyman Kevin Byrne and Putnam County Legislator Carl Albano worked hard to get the state to focus on making the corridor between Carmel and Kent as safe as it can be.

The good news for commuters is that the work will be done in sections, and once one part of the roadway is complete it will be reopen to traffic.

It's a long overdue project since it's a main thoroughfare through Carmel, and these roads haven't been completely repaved in almost 20 years. Officials in Carmel hope the State DOT will eventually continue the work on Route 52 all the way to Route 311 in Kent.

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