Apple season is here in the Hudson Valley and I am super excited. I enjoy eating apples all year long but the first apple off the tree each fall is pretty special.

I love picking up local apples I just don't particularly care to pick my own. I do love to do things with apples. Doing recipes with local apples is really tasty. I am not a great baker so Apple Pie will not be part of my plan.

Toppings for Fresh Picked Hudson Valley Apples

I could not find any statistics on what the most popular apple topping is but I am guessing the three I chose here are on the top of the list.

Caramel might be my favorite thing to add to a fresh-picked Hudson Valley apple. It can be a little messy while you are making them but they are easy to eat if you include the stick. I am a fan of the dip and hardened caramel, not the wrap kind. The wrap always seems to fall off and doesn't allow you to dip into other goodies as the caramel dries.

Caramel apples coated and waiting to be coated

Salt was always my Dad's favorite for some reason. Anytime he had an apple he had the salt shaker out. The salt on the apple actually tastes really good. If you sprinkle it directly on the apple slices the salt melts right into the apple leaving you savory and sweet.

Bag of sea salt

Peanut Butter is amazing. My Mom always put peanut butter on apples. I discovered if I put my daily lump of peanut butter on an apple slice I didn't have to do dishes. Yes, I was a spoonful of peanut butter kid. The apple was so much tastier than the spoon.


And of course, if you are a talented baker then by all means put them in a pie.

Places to Pick Apples Near the Hudson Valley

Hudson Valley's Top Apple Picking Guide for 2021

Hard cider has also grown so much in the Hudson Valley. Local cideries have expanded and given residents the chance to learn about the process and bring back the once forgotten excitement of hard cider.

There's one thing we may have forgotten, the must have, apple picking picture for all of social media. Be sure to grab your favorite fall attire, the cutest boots and head on over to one of these local apple picking farms. Along with making sure you get your festive shot in, you can also join in on hayrides, u pick sessions and of course, apple cider donuts.

Here are the top places within the Hudson Valley to go apple picking.

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