Rejoice beer lovers, today is National Beer Lovers Day. Now we could talk about the best beers, but today let's talk trashy beers that you love.

Beer lovers day is a day when we're suppose to appreciate the work and craftmanship that goes into making a really good beer, but what the heck, just for fun, today let's take a look at the trashy beers that folks in Connecticut and New York consider their favorite.

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First, for obvious reasons, we have to look and actually define just what constitutes a trashy beer. A trashy beer is a cheap brand that beer snobs hate and will never ever drink, but the rest of us are fine with and will actually drink it.

Look, we all know that craft beers and IPAs aren't for everyone, in fact, I'm pretty much a regular type of beer guy. I'm really not into all these designer beers, and believe it or not, I actually prefer a trashy beer to a craft beer or IPA.

So what are some of the most popular trashy beers in Connecticut and New York? The folks at have done all the dirty work, no pun intended, to find the most popular trashy beers, and here's what they came up with.

Before we actually reveal the top trashy beers, here's how the whole methodology thing worked.

To find out which trashy beers are on ice, they did a complete online search and google trends over the last 12 months to determine which beer each state searched for most. Then that result was tabulated to see where the most popular searches came from and how many states were searching for the most popular trashy beers.

The one thing the survey surprisingly revealed was that people seem to gravitate to beer brands they know, and are the most affordable, and of course, are refreshing as well.

When it comes to America's favorite trashy beer there, is one clear cut favorite and that's Anheuser-Busch's "Natural Light". Not only was it the favorite trashy beer in Connecticut, but also in 9 other states.

As far as New York is concerned, it has the honor of calling "Genesee" it's favorite trashy beer. Genesee was only found to be the most popular trashy beer in just the Empire State, so it's got a special place in New Yorker's hearts.

If you're not familiar with Genesee Beer, it's produced and bottled right in Rochester, New York, and is one of the oldest operating breweries in the United States, so no wonder New Yorkers love it.

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