New York drivers are usually top notch, but there's a select group of Hudson Valley drivers that tarnish the title.

I like to consider myself a road warrior. I drove to and from college every time for three years, I have a 45-minute commute, and I drive to Westchester on weekends. From all this experience, I have found the top five Hudson Valley roads with the absolute worst drivers.

5. Taconic State Parkway

You're probably thinking: why isn't this number 1? Well, you can either find the best drivers on this road or the worst drivers. The Taconic isn't an easy road to drive on, and it is quite obvious if you don't know what you're doing.

4. Route 9D

Ugh, what a miserable road to get stuck behind a crappy driver on. So many people drive 20 MPH below the speed limit, don't use a turn signal, or just suck at driving on this road.

3. Hutchinson State Parkway

This road is similar to the Taconic in that it is a two-lane passenger car only road. But unlike the Taconic, you will not find any good drivers on this road. There is a merge before the Mobil gas station Southbound, and people all forget the rules of merging once they hit that.

2. Route 211

211 is a close second. Leave at least 15 minutes earlier than you planned to get wherever you're going if 211 is in the directions. You will 100% get stuck behind a slow driver who doesn't know what they're doing on this road.

1. Route 9W

This is my least favorite road in the entire world because of the drivers. Everyone ALWAYS drives below the speed limit on this road, and I have no clue why. I refuse to go on this road because there are the worst drivers in the Hudson Valley on it.

Where do you find the worst Hudson Valley drivers?

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