Tom Saint Painting & Remodeling LLC has a background in New York's fashion industry, so he brings an eye for layout, color and overall design that you won't find with all contractors.

That's why we turned to him for advice on projects that can really update our spaces without taking too much time or money. Whether you're just ready for a change or have been putting off sprucing up your home, here are some projects to consider:

1) Pick a fresh (or bold) interior paint color: If you're ready for a change, pick a piece of inspiration (whether it's an accent pillow, framed art or another design element) and use that as a focal point for revamping the whole room, including picking a new paint color, an accent wall, or both. A professional painter can help you ensure that everything looks polished, especially if your wall color is going from light to dark or vice versa. Click here and here for more color advice from Tom Saint Painting & Remodeling.

2) Refinish your hardwood floors. Beautiful hardwood floors can be statement pieces in their own right and really create a warm, inviting feeling. But if they are a little worn or in an outdated finish, refinishing them can change the whole feel of your home. Plus, it's a nice feature to advertise if you're planning to sell any time soon.

3) Updating your staircase. There are so many options for staircases beyond the builder basics that are so common. Here are some staircase projects completed by Tom Saint Painting & Remodeling:

Tom Saint Painting & Remodeling can help with all those projects, plus flooring installation, tile work, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, decking, design build and more in the greater Fairfield County area.

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