If you are anything like me, you have been wondering when the heck the new TJ Maxx is going to open on Newtown Road in Danbury. For months, they have been taunting us with those "TJ Maxx" signs, yet no one is saying when. To make things even more infuriating, it just happens to be right next door to my other addiction, Home Goods.


Mere hours ago, I strategically parked my car in the lot and walked towards the dynamic duo, acting super cool like I wasn't hoping with all of my heart that the doors were open. I was shattered. To console myself, I walked straight into Home Goods and spent the next half hour trying to forget about the mockery going on next door.

But I've got news, fellow fashionistas! The wait is almost over. Ctpost.com reports that in about a month we will be strolling through that brand new front door. Actually, this is a good news/bad news story. The good news, I just told you. The bad news is that we are actually losing a TJ Maxx. The location in the Candlewood Plaza Shopping Center in Brookfield is moving to that new location in Danbury.

There are currently no plans on the space that the Brookfield store currently occupies.

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