It looks like we are finally about to get the big snowstorm that we have waited for. I almost feel as though winter forgot to snow and now it needs to use up the rest of its budget or it won't get what it wants next season.

With Daylight Savings Time upon us, we have already sprung ahead and Spring is just one week away. Well, heck, let's have a blizzard. I don't mean just a regular type of blizzard. No, I mean a real, honest to goodness, emergency and essential personnel only, state of emergency type, make sure you have milk, bread and maybe even a fallout shelter type of blizzard.

With the all wheel drive KICKS mobile gassed up waiting right outside, ready to roll when I'm ready to ride (thanks Locash), I say, "bring on that first flake!" Who's with me?

Hopefully you will be, from the comfort of your own home, that is. Don't go out, we've got you covered and believe me when I tell you that we are more than happy to be here (we're a little weird that way).

Here's what happens at a radio station during a blizzard:

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