There's a great animal rescue story coming out of Thomaston, a local man out on a hike found an injured Bald Eagle, the National Bird of The United States of America, and the hiker literally carried it to safety.

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Through the magic of Facebook, turns out the rescuing hiker is a friend of a few of my friends, and I saw the original post this morning when I woke up. Here it is:

Mr. Colombie was out for an afternoon hike in Thomaston yesterday, when he came upon a Bald Eagle that couldn't fly, turns out that it had a broken wing, so, with the help of a couple of other hikers, Mr. Colombie safely picked up the injured Eagle, and brought it to the safety of Connecticut State Environmental Conservation Police Officer Chickos.

Officer Chickos took possession of the Eagle, and wrapped it up in what looks like a jacket. Here's the photo that the CSEC Police posted to their official Facebook page shortly after the rescue.

According to the post, the Eagle was transported to the Sharon Audubon Center, where it was stabilized, and was being x-rayed and treated for it's broken wing. Bald Eagles continue to make a massive recovery from the massive population decline of the 1950's. I've seen many of my birdwatching friends post photos of the majestic animal from along the Naugatuck River, Southbury, and in the Washington/Bethlehem/Roxbury area too. Great job Mr. Colombie and Officer Chickos.

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