Fall is officially here but tell that to the thermometer, as we’re experiencing a heat wave, which is welcome to some, especially me. Others, like farmers in the apple industry may not be so happy with this weather, because heat causes apples to ripen faster. An article in the Michigan State University Extension says:


The...hot weather…will advance apple maturity, including increased tendency for pre-harvest drop.


Ok what is pre-harvest drop? It’s where Apples drop from trees before they’re mature, and it causes apple farmers to lose apples, and money according to Extension.Org. It becomes more of a race against the forces of nature and time for the apple pickers to get the fruit off the trees before pre-harvest drop.


For us the warm weather means keeping the summer clothes handy, and heading out asap to pick the best apples. If you want to take the family apple picking, the sooner the better, because of the weather. Don't forget the cider donuts, and the apple cider, the apple pies, and all the other yummy stuff they sell on the farm.

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