I never thought I would see food rationing in my lifetime, but it’s happening right now at a Trader Joe’s in Connecticut.

Blame a brand new, super-popular way to prepare an old, unpopular vegetable. This stuff is selling out of Trader Joe's stores like hot cakes, so the retailer has instituted a two bag a day limit per customer in Fairfield, CT and South Orange, New Jersey.  It’s called "Cauli Rice" -- cauliflower cut into crumbles as a low-carb rice substitute.

Each day, hordes of people clamor to get their hands on the grated veggie -- and even the nicest-looking people, it seems, will do whatever it takes to claim their rightful bag. Pushing, shoving, passive-aggressive looks... the cauliflower rice section has seen it all.

Yesterday, I tried making some of this Cauli Rice myself, and there was no fooling my taste buds. I knew this was absolutely NOT rice. But it wasn’t unpleasant, and it was super healthy.

One would think we’ve got clearance to hoard it in the Danbury location as they don’t have the same restrictions. You know where I'll be right after the show.

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