Party City is stepping forward to open “pop-up” toy stores in hopes of filling the toy retail void in the region.

There will be 50 of them in the nation, but my guess is if they are successful, especially during the holidays, there may even be more in the future. CNBC reports that the "pop-ups" will be near their Halloween City retail outlets. This news was released Monday, June 26th.

The toy stores will pop up in what Party City is calling "optimal" markets (hopefully Danbury), yet no specifics have been given to us. Party City, along with other retailers like Walmart and Target, are hoping to capitalize on the downfall of Toys ‘R Us. CNBC also notes that KB Toys is planning a re-entry into the Toy retail market as well.

September is when these temporary stores will open and will remain open through the holidays. Party City stores will also begin to carry toys to supplement market demands too.

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