Are you watching “This Is Us” on NBC? It seems as though everyone is. The hubby and I binge-watched it to catch up and we are now hooked. So, just in case you are not caught up, spoiler alert: I’m talking about it.

The past two episodes have been traumatic. Wow! How much can we take? Not only did we deal with falling in love with William and then dealing with his death and fun-eral (as Randall put it) now we are about to find out how Jack died? When Kate ran out of the memorial service in tears and her brother put his arms around her and told her that she has to let out her feelings of her own father’s death years ago, we knew that she would be finally sharing these feelings with Toby, her fiance’. But were you prepared to find out that she felt responsible? Were you prepared for that flash back of her and Jack and the phonecall that they shared and then watching Jack getting behind the wheel of his car and heading two hours to heal things with Rebecca?

Look, I knew that we would eventually have to deal with Jack’s death, but wow, could they have given us a little time after William? At least we all know why our co-workers are coming to work on Wednesday mornings with swollen eyes.

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