With the Masters coming up this weekend, many players are going through their practice rounds, and as is a Masters tradition, attempting their best trick shots.

Jon Rahm was going through his second practice round on Tuesday. Monday, Rahm had gotten a hole-in-one on the 225 yard fourth hole, but since we're in the middle of a pandemic no one was there watching, or taking any video. Usually, hundreds of spectators are there, so this rare event basically went unseen.

That wasn't the case on Tuesday as Rahm stepped up to the par 3 sixteenth hole, but this time, the TV cameras were rolling, and caught what could be considered one of the greatest golf shots ever.

According to reuters.com, Rahm, not even using a tee, hit his ball towards the water hazard attempting to skip it over the water and onto the green, but no one, not even Rahm himself could have expected what came next.

After getting the ball to skip across the water, it wound up right on the green, but things didn't end there. Once on the green, the ball rolled for awhile and got closer and closer to the hole. As the excitement built, and the ball was on a collision course with the pin, one could only think of the impossible, could he actually make a hole-in-one.

Now it's time to check out the shot for yourself, here's the video that Jon posted on his Instagram page. By the way, what made the shot even sweeter was that he did it on his 26th Birthday.

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