When an out-of-state friend or relative comes to visit me, I want to show off Connecticut's culinary landscape. We have so many superior restaurants, dare I say, some of the best in the world?

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I want them to leave here saying "That was the best _____ I've ever had in my life." Connecticut has shown its superiority nationally already when it comes to pizza, steamed cheeseburgers, and driving Subaru Foresters, but that national spotlight doesn't shine on some of the other "Lesser known" restaurants that I believe you should try once in your life. So, I came up with a restaurant bucket list. Here's a list of 10 meals that I think you should try, because I love to eat, and all of these meals completely satisfied me.

These 10 Connecticut Restaurant Meals Need To Be On Your Bucket List

Here are 10 Connecticut restaurant meals that will make you say "That was the best _____that I've ever had in my life."

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