It's common knowledge around the world that Americans have a vacation crisis. We've been taking far fewer days off than people working in other nations.

The good news is we're taking more vacation time this year than last. Workers in Connecticut and New York tend to leave a moderate amount of vacation time behind at the end of the year when it comes to the workplace use it or lose it policy. We all hate sacrificing vacation days but many times we’re so overloaded we just can’t take off, or deadlines pass and we’ve forgotten to put in for the time.

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A new survey by Project Time Off details how each state fared as far as employees using their time. People in the state of Maine did the best in the survey and came in as the 50th state, which means workers used most of their vacation days, while workers in neighboring New Hampshire tended to decline vacation time a lot as they were number two on the list. It seems odd that states so close to each other had such different corporate climates.


How did Connecticut and New York place on this list? Both states were close to the middle of the list. Indicating that we use some of our paid time off and leave some of it unused. Connecticut was 22, New York was 25, and Massachusetts was 24 on the list.


This time we’re okay with not being number one, because in the number one state on the list, Idaho, employees somehow took the fewest vacation days in the nation, leaving many of their paid days on the table. says vacations do your health a lot of good. Among other things vacations decrease heart disease.

So if you’re vacationing now, be sure to enjoy every minute of it and keep on using your vacation days!

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