For the second time in about a week, Connecticut has become the home of another Powerball Millionaire.

It seems to be becoming a trend lately as yet another Connecticut resident has gotten pretty lucky and is the states latest millionaire with a Powerball win in Monday nights drawing.

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So far, there's no indication of who or where the latest Powerball winner is from, however the Connecticut Lottery is not messing around. They are asking anyone with the latest numbers to step forward and claim their $1 million dollar prize.

According to CT Lottery, the winning ticket was sold at the Mill Plain Package Store at 71 Mill Plain Road in Danbury. The winning numbers from the drawing were 2-13-32-33-48-22.

When it comes to lucky winners in Connecticut, according to, the last time the state had a big Powerball winner was back in June of 2012 when a Seymour resident nailed the big grand prize of $60 million dollars. The largest Powerball Jackpot winner ever in the state was back in November of 2011 when a Greenwich resident scored a $254 Million Dollar jackpot.

Here some of the other local Greater Danbury area winners so far in 2022.

On January 6, David Delia of Newtown picked up a $20,000 Cash Flurry ticket. On the same day, January 6, Hanton Guerrero of Danbury won $15,000 on a Play 4 Night ticket purchased at Stop and Shop in Danbury.

Late in December of 2021 John Reilly stopped into Mill Plain Exxon in Danbury, picked up a 30X Cash 8th Edition, and took home $10,000, also Eduardo Marques De Oliveira of Danbury won $10,000 on a $100,000 Cashword 11 ticket he bought at White Street Getty, and Mario Fragomeli of Danbury won $16,263 on a Play 4 Night ticket purchased at Jimmy's Market in Danbury.

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