In the 1970s, a home on Lindley Street, in Bridgeport met up with some serious weirdness, like moving furniture, flying pictures a floating refrigerator, talking animals and more. Before things were famous for going “viral”—this story went “viral” worldwide.

This was no ordinary ghost story. Even city officials accustomed to seeing all kinds of crimes described rattling furniture, household items moving mysteriously, and a small girl being slammed against the wall in the house. It was one of the most witnessed events of this nature in history, according to Hamlet Hub.

Author William J. Hall, has worked as a professional magician, so he, naturally, was skeptical like lots of other people. That's until he did more research on these occurrences, which included going back to original newspaper articles and audio interviews of first responders and Bridgeport city records. He soon realized that this was the real deal.

You can hear him speak He’ll be at the Danbury Library, 170 Main Street, Danbury, talking about Poltergeists, Saturday October 21st at 12:30pm. It's a free event, but you'll need to register at

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