Throughout my lifetime, I knew Toys "R" Us as 'The World's Biggest Toy Store', and then it disappeared. Most of their stores closed nationally between 2017-2021, and just when we thought it was completely over, Geoffrey the Giraffe is going to be dusted off and will get another chance to delight a new generation of children here in Connecticut.

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Many of the brand names that we have gotten used to over our lifetime are now owned by different brand names. You have noticed that some of these household brand names are forging retail partnerships in order to expand their retail landscape, without the start up costs of opening new stores. Sephora and JC Penney, Target and Starbucks and Ulta, the Dunkin' you find in some Home Depot locations, etc. The latest retail partnership will bring miniature versions of Toys "R" Us stores to existing Macy's nationwide by October 2022.

Here's the announcement video from

I don't know about you, but I grew up walking those aisles. Shopping at Toys "R" Us always brought me joy. I loved shopping at the Wolcott Street location in Waterbury, waiting for the latest Star Wars toy or video game to be released. Granted, this new version of Toys "R" Us is a mere shadow of their stand-alone store model, relegated to a section of Macy's that used to house all of their men's clothing clearance section, but, it's something.

Soon there will be 6 Toys "R" Us stores in Connecticut inside the Macy's locations at: Danbury Fair Mall, Stamford Town Center, Trumbull Mall, Post Mall in Milford, Westfarms Mall in Farmington, and the Buckland Hills Mall in Manchester.

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