Fans of hit reality show The Voice were doubtlessly tuning in with anticipation Tuesday night (Dec. 17), not only to see which of the final four contestants would win the title, but also to enjoy a lot of really good musical performances. Season 17's last night was filled with star-studded performances which included duets with the finalists, as well as some fun standalone A-lister appearances.

One of these came from Luke Combs, who gave everyone a good dose of his latest, "Even Though I'm Leaving." The song came close to the very last bits of the show, when everyone was buzzing with anticipation to find out who won, and Combs admirably took this emotion into the palm of his hand and cooled it down a few degrees with the gentle and meaningful ballad—not an easy thing to do when the energy was running so high!

Combs' song marks his seventh consecutive No. 1 single, and it's the second single from his What You See Is What You Get and was previously included on the' EP The Prequel released in June.

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