Got crystals to recharge? This Tuesday is your night. There will be a full moon on April 11th so it will be the perfect night to get those crystals in your window or outside so they can soak up that lunar cleansing and recharge to be the crystals that you know and love.

I've got some crystals and with a little research I now know that I have not been doing everything that I need to do to recharge them properly.

Ashley Neese, a certified breathwork teacher, somatic trauma healer, energy medicine teacher who holds a MFA from the California College of the Arts says there are steps to take to recharge your crystals:

Step One: Rinse your crystals with water. Tap is fine but if you're near a stream or ocean that's even better.

Step Two: Put them outside or on a window sill in the direct moonlight.

Step Three: Take them back inside or out of the direct sunlight at sunrise or shortly thereafter. Too much sunlight isn't what you want and it will actually fade some crystals.

Step Four: Bathe them in your intentions. You can do this individually or in a group. It sounds involved but all you have to do is tell each crystal or the group what you want them to do for you.

For complete directions and more info on recharging your crystals click here for

Guess what I'm doing on Tuesday night?

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