Yeah, I know it's Daylight's Savings Time this weekend and Spring 2022 starts on March 20. I do enjoy driving home while it's still daylight, but one of my favorite things about the warmer spring time weather is that Connecticut's seasonal drive-in restaurants are opening up for the year.

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I love pulling over for a fresh order of Clam Fritters, Footlong Hot Dogs, a juicy burger, or a Dip Top ice cream cone. My car is waiting for the accumulation of fried clam breading pieces to fall down into the cup holder. The fresh air, the happy kids taking your order, the satisfying burp after you stuff $40 worth of buttered lobster chunks into your face. Life is all good in those moments.

Well, the weather is finally turning and we're seeing some movement on the Drive-In openings. Here's the latest info that I have on when some of my favorite seasonal Connecticut Drive-in Restaurants are going to open up for the 2022 season.

The Return of Connecticut's Best Seasonal Drive-In's

Daylight's Savings Time is nice, and warmer temps are great, but I think the best thing about Spring is the return of fresh fried clams, footlong hot dogs, juicy burgers, and outdoor dining at these seasonal Connecticut drive-in restaurants.

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