Whenever I pick my numbers for any of the Connecticut Lottery's drawings, I always use the number six because I was born in June. If I had been playing CT Lottery's Cash 5 for the past three days, I might have hit. For the past three days consecutively, someone has hit there has been a $100,000 Cash5 jackpot winner in Connecticut, and the number six hit in all three.

The winning numbers for the Cash5 drawing on 4-21-24 were 6-18-24-32 and 35. The winning numbers for the Cash5 drawing on 4-22-24 were 3-6-25-27 and 25...hmmmm. Yesterday's (4-23-24) winning Cash5 numbers were 6-10-11-16 and 23. Three days in a row of 6's, is it the number of the Beast? Are the Horsemen drawing close? Plague? Nah, but it is unusual. Just this month, April 2024, the number six was a Cash5 winning number for the Connecticut Lottery draws for the past three days, it also hit in the drawings on April 19, 16, 15, 13, 11, and 4th. That seems to be a lot of sixes.

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According to nbcconnecticut.com, the Cash5 $100,000 jackpot winning tickets were sold this week in Stratford, Hebron, and North Haven. Overall 18 lucky Lottery players have hit the Cash5 jackpot so far this year, and I can't find a commonality in where they're being purchased.

The Connecticut Lottery Cash5 drawings occur every night at 10:29PM, with each play costing $1, but you can add the Kicker option that increases your payout and chances for an extra 50 cents. On average, 3,000 winning tickets are sold for each recent Cash5 drawing, play the number six today, it's been hot this month.

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