Did you ever think that we would become a society of emoji-obsessed humans? If you don't have emojis or don't use them, you are so out of touch with the world. Here we go again and this time there are sixty nine of them.

I couldn't keep track before, how will I send my friends the right one to match my particular emotion now?

Well, I'll tell you how. Because there are a few that I will be using quite a bit so they will hang out in your "freaquently used" tab. NBCnews.com says that among the new emojis there are mermaids and mermen, a vomitting smiley face and a giraffe. Yes! A Giraffe! As much as I try to not like giraffes because it's just another stuffed animal I will have to add to my collection, I can't help it. Giraffes are almost as adorable as Llamas.

So as we get ready for another update, here's a peak at the new emojis:

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