Before I deliver my take on the car seat regulations, here is a look at the significant changes to the laws, which launch on October 1.

Have you ever attempted to install a car seat? It's an annoying, frustrating job, because of how the seats must be installed, according to state law. When Mindy and I bought a car seat for Bradley and attempted to "install" the seat in our car, we nearly had a nervous breakdown. Mindy had to make an appointment at New Fairfield's Police Department and have a trained officer install it for her. There are Fitting Stations at various police departments all over Connecticut.

Back in my day, we didn't need no damned car seat. We just slid across the backseats like rag dolls when dad made a sharp turn, and guess what? Nobody died. But because we're so "sue happy" in the 21st century, car makers have to cover their ass by stapling kids into place in a government mandated car seat so no one gets hurt.

New Safety Reforms Make Child Car Seats Compulsory
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