If your travels take you to or from New York State, here’s something new to take note of. New York’s  “Move Over” law is changing. There have been several expansions of the law to date. This one has just taken effect and protects volunteer firefighters as well as ambulance workers. Governor Cuomo signed it into law last year, and it deems that drivers slow down and move over a lane when approaching a vehicle displaying blue or green lights.

Prior to this The “Move Over” law stated vehicles must move over a lane for law enforcement vehicles, fire trucks, tow trucks and construction maintenance vehicles. This expansion protects volunteer firefighters and ambulance responders.

“Every day, these firefighters and ambulance workers put their wellbeing on the line to help their neighbors and their communities,” Governor Andrew Cuomo said. “This new law and outreach campaign will offer these brave New Yorkers additional protections that will help ensure they are able to carry out their critically important jobs, while cracking down on avoidable and reckless hazards.”

The law was first enacted in 2011. I'm in favor of protecting the lives of brave first responders in every state, So, Governor Cuomo gets my thanks for amending and enforcing this law to keep everyone safe.

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