If you've ever wanted to own the largest private island ever offered up for sale on the East Coast of the United States, well, it's for sale right here in Connecticut. You'll only have to come up $100,000,000 Dollars.

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Great Island is located in Darien. It's a 60 acre island, and according to the listing on Zillow, it's been owned by the same family for generations. The property features a 13,000 square foot manor built around 1905, a 3 bedroom stone house, a 19th century farmhouse, a seaside bungalow and a beach cottage, a Polo field, Stable, and a private pool.

There's a septic tank to get rid of the waste from 10 bathrooms (8 Full, 2 Half). 10 bedrooms, a 4 car garage, and public water. The annual tax amount in the listing? $26,759. Have a look at what the current owners have allowed you to see:

The Largest Private Island in Connecticut Is For Sale - $100 Mil

It's not good, it's Great Island, and according to the description on Zillow, it's the largest private island ever to be offered for sale on the East Coast of the United States. It's been family-owned for generations, but, you could buy it right now for $100 Million Dollars.

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