In this age of Instacart, DoorDash, and Prime, it's becoming easier to never leave the comfort of your home. If you do, the terrors of road rage and violence pale in comparison to the true menace of Connecticut - Trader Joe's parking lots.

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Trader Joe's has nine locations in Connecticut: Danbury, Darien, Fairfield, Glastonbury, Manchester, Orange, Stamford, West Hartford, and Westport. I understand that the company intentionally builds out small spaces for a more intimate shopping experience, but the volume at each of their stores easily matches what's coming in and out of your average Stop & Shop or Whole Foods. My wife and I love shopping there, but both of us have come away from a recent trip saying 'Never again'. The energy radiating off so many angry drivers is overwhelming.

The Four Worst Trader Joe's Parking Lots in Connecticut - Ranked

Could it be that Trader Joe's deliberately chose the busiest and smallest parking lots for their stores across Connecticut? Out of their nine locations across the state, here are the four worst, in my opinion.

Gallery Credit: Google Maps

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10 Items You Should Never Purchase at Connecticut Dollar Stores

Connecticut is an expensive place to live so people here will do just about anything to save a few bucks. This savings hunt makes dollar stores big business in CT and we have no shortage of them. Family Dollar has 32 Connecticut stores, Dollar Tree has 56 locations and Dollar General boasts 71 outlets throughout the State.

There are some items at these stores that will shave a lot of dough off your receipts but experts say you should not trust these stores with all purchases. Reader's Digest and USA Today have issued alerts to the public listing items you should steer clear of at Dollar Stores, here are 10 of them.

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