Twenty-five feet off the tip of the Candlewood Isle Lake community in New Fairfield, there sits a small island. On that island sits a small house that's been boarded up for several years.

Since September 2000, I've lost count of the many times I've attempted to access information online. When I was about ready to give up, I finally discovered a members-only Facebook page and asked, "Does anyone have any information on 'The Island House' off the tip of Candlewood Isle? The responses I received were fascinating and included a story about an amphibious car! Before you scroll down to learn more about the Candlewood Lake island house, I invite you to check out a YouTube slideshow of my lake photos set to the music of Louie Armstrong's, 'What a Wonderful World.'

The Fascinating Story of the Candlewood Lake 'Island House'

Candlewood Lake Scuba Divers Searching for the Lost Town of Jerusalem...

The Captivating Creatures of Candlewood Lake

Gallery Credit: Ethan Carey

Things You May Not Know About Greater Danbury's Candlewood Lake

Mike Allen is our former News Director and the man we go to, to provide "so much more than you ever imagined." Mike joins the Ethan and Lou Show every Tuesday morning for a segment called: "The Place You Live." This week, he presented part 1 of 2 on Candlewood Lake. Allen shared his research and we learned the following:

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

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