At some point, every young boy or girl has dreamed about joining the Police Department.

In Danbury, they are looking for new recruits, and have put together a hilarious new recruitment video.

Becoming a Policeman or Policewoman is one of the most honorable professions, and one of the bravest. These heroic individuals put their life on the line every time they put on their uniforms. We see how brave they are every single day. Whether it's at a simple traffic stop, hunting down dangerous criminals, or heading right into the face of danger, they always go above and beyond the call of duty.

Danbury PD youtube image
Danbury PD via YouTube

Now, the Danbury Police Department wants you. They are currently looking for new recruits and have put together this hilarious and informative recruitment video. See some of your favorite Danbury Police Officers having some fun, and showing you just what it's like to be a part of Danbury's finest.

The application process is open from 6/12/17 - 7/31/17

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