The City Center Café in Danbury is now open for business.

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Back in early July, an announcement was made that a new café was coming to downtown Danbury from Jerry Barton and his aunt Terry Waterhouse Scalzo. The pair have prepared the space for business and their doors officially open this morning on the corner of Main and West Street in the Hat City.

Lou Milano
Lou Milano

The location was last a coffee house known as Barrister's that closed during the COVID-19 pandemic after a two year run. I remember this location fondly as the old City Center Danbury offices. Once a year, my morning show partner (Ethan Carey) and I would do our radio show live there to announce the summer events series coming to Danbury.

The City Center Café will serve coffee, breakfast, lunch and desserts. More specifically, grab-and-go sandwiches, salads and gluten-free baked goods but I'm most excited about the milkshakes.

This could become dangerous for my weight seeing as it is walking distance from my home. Hey, at least I'll be walking there so if I go and have three milkshakes and walk back home, I'm bound to burn off at least one of them.

When we spoke to Jerry Barton back in July, he had this to say about the new business:

"My vision is to grow CityCenter. With Kennedy Flats and Brookview 2 coming in, it's growing more and more. CityCenter needs to shine; the area can thrive. I live in Kennedy Flats and love the downtown area. It has a lot to offer, lots of different foods from different cultures but it is missing a few things I would like to see happen."

The City Center Café will be open from 6 AM - 6 PM Monday through Friday and 8 AM - 4 PM on Saturday and Sunday and will offer free Wi-fi. You can visit them on Facebook or on their website. 

Listen, I am in the corner of any small business trying to make a go in downtown Danbury. I love this city, I live there and there is a comeback in the air right now.

I have to admit that my interest in this place working may be coming from a selfish place too. I hear that Jerry intends to name a coffee drink after Ethan and I and that is in line with my 5 year plan. I intend to have a dish or beverage named after me in every eatery in Danbury. I really shoot for the stars.

City Center Cafe Facebook with permission
City Center Cafe Facebook with permission

Whether out of curiosity or in an effort to support small business in Danbury, you should go check them out today. I know I will.

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