Not all that long ago I got a text from an old friend freaking out about a Youtube video he'd seen about the proper way to close a cereal box. I saw the video he sent, I freaked out and I even wrote about it here on our website.

My mind was blown and after all of that hoopla and excitement he hit me with another one. He said, "did you know the Chinese food delivery box doubles as a plate?" I replied by saying, "Whaaaaaaaaattttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!???" He said it was the absolute truth and sent me another Youtube video to back it up, this is that video. You are welcome.

I prefer her explanation as he is dry as stale bread and obviously not a pretty lady.

What is going on here? Why am I getting these amazing tips and this wonderful information now? Why wasn't it available like 37 years ago ( I was 4) when I started eating both cereal and Chinese food (big year)?

I feel like I've been cheated from so many productive and happy years of my life. What's so special about this time period that all these industries are slow dripping their secret innovations? Why are they secret!? I'd be more willing to buy both cereal and Chinese food if I knew they had these helpful features. What the actual hell man?

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