I set out on a mission to scour YouTube to find some odd, unique, or weird videos from specific towns around Danbury.

In my search for interesting YouTube content from New Milford, Danbury, and Newtown, I discovered some amusing videos, but when I typed in "Newtown, CT 2016" in the YouTube search bar, what I found was extremely disturbing -- I'll explain it later in this blog.

My favorite video about New Milford in 2016 was about the legendary Elephant Trunk Flea Market created by FirearmPop. Let's check it out:

You gotta love FirearmPop! Apparently, he has his own YouTube Channel, and he loves his guns and ammo! Thank you for your service, FirearmPop.

This second video takes us for a walk through Stew Leonards Dairy Store in Danbury, not to view all the merchandise, but to find out what keeps the kids entertained. Roll it!


Then, when I began researching YouTube videos about Newtown, what I found gave me the creeps.

I came across several videos that were produced by individuals who truly believe the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax. I couldn't even begin to watch any of them, because I became so angry, and then incredibly sad for the parents of those 20 children. Even the titles and descriptions made me livid. How can someone be so insane and insist that a true life massacre is only a hoax, and at the same time, disrespect the lives of the individuals who lost their lives?

I'll just give you a brief description of one of those videos as an example, so you can understand. This particular video was produced by the Alex Jones Channel.

Bombshell: Sandy Hook Massacre Was a DHS Illusion Says School Safety Expert

All I can say is, WTF!

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