Summer is not over but everywhere you look are back-to-school sales and many are sick and tired of the heat, humidity, and mosquitoes and are looking forward to the spooky season and Halloween.

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On that note, I recently became aware from my ghost-loving summer-loathing gal that Beetlejuice has Connecticut ties. Adam and Barbara Maitland call Winter River, Connecticut home. Yes, this town is fictitious, wiki notes the film was actually filmed in East Corinth, a village in the town of Corinth, Vermont.

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As the setting is meant to be in Connecticut, there are some nods to Connecticut seen throughout the film such as shown on a taxi’s advertising from Torrington, CT.


Charles mentions Connecticut thinking it is Lydia when Adam tries to frighten him dressed as a ghost in bed sheets. Referring to shmoop for the movie dialog:

Charles: Lydia, is Connecticut so boring? I had Maxie Dean on the phone, honey. Dad's found a way of making some money while I relax, so would you scram? Your mother's gonna kill you when she sees you cut holes in her $300 sheets.

Delia also mentions Connecticut unfavorably when talking to Lydia about her guests arriving.

Delia: Ghosts. You're telling me we have ghosts in this house. Those pictures are of ghosts. Are they? Ghosts! Lydia, I am giving a dinner party tonight for seven people. My agent, Bernard, is bringing a woman who writes for Art In America. In Fact, no one dining here this evening has not been in Vanity Fair. Except you.

Lydia: I told them you were too mean to be afraid.

Delia: Don't you dare speak to others about me! The only thing that scares me is being embarrassed in front of the few hip people I can get to set foot in this part of Connecticut. So let's play family just for tonight.

Rumor has it that a sequel to Beetlejuice is in the works, and it is still up in the air whether the ghost with the most is scripted to return to Connecticut.  Apparently, the film sequel is still under development and not scheduled for release any time soon.

In the meantime, check out this quick TikTok video for a quick trip down memory lane.  Here is also a YouTube video featuring the Beetlejuice filming locations then and now. Nope, Michael Keaton nor Winona Ryder were in Connecticut during the filming of the movie.

Be careful not to say the title of this story out loud, who knows what can happen!

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