You really never know when someone is going to flip out over something.

Recently it's become a weekly thing across the Hudson Valley, as we start to get back to some form of normal, some folks are losing their minds over things that normally wouldn't drive them crazy. It happened again, this time Megan texted us that she almost got her "teeth knocked out" over a grocery cart at a Poughkeepsie grocery store. Here's what she texted us through the Wolf app....

"Guys people are losing their MINDS!! I went to do my weekly grocery shopping last weekend and when I got into the store I forgot to grab a cart. When I realized I forget one, I saw an empty one in the produce section of the store, so I put my stuff in it and continued to shop. Before I grabbed it, I did look around and I didn't see anyone. As I walked away some woman started to yell at me saying I stole her cart. I told her I was sorry, but there was nothing in the cart and nobody near it so I took it. She got very aggressive, called me rude and lazy, and said she should knock my teeth out. I just kept walking away, she wound up walking away. Yes I kept the cart, but was I wrong?"

WOW! You just never know how someone is going to react in the weirdest situations. Who do you guys think is the "jerk"? Is it the "cart stealer", or the lady who threated to knock her teeth out?

I think if you check the official "grocery cart rule book", on page 46, if you leave the cart empty and walk away, it's up for grabs. The saying goes, finders keepers, loser weepers...LOL! What do you guys think?

Danielle in Warwick texted us, "If the Teeth Knocker politely said, excuse me that was my cart, then Cart Stealer Meg should have given it back. But with how RUDE Teeth Knocker was, I would have took the cart too. Bad day or not, no reason to get so aggressive!"

Yankee Frank in Hopewell Junction texted, "Only jerk would leave their empty cart unattended in the first place!" Tom in Washingtonville texted, "Teeth knocker needs to grow up, shut up and get a new cart!"

What do you think? Call or text us through the Wolf app.

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