Hundreds of metropolitan areas in the nation were studied and then ranked to be the best or worst for single people in 2018. It turns out the best place for single people this year is Boulder, Colorado. Elizabethtown, Kentucky ranked worst. Near the top of the list (are you ready for this?) is Bridgeport, Connecticut, which came in at third according to Zumper.

They based the rankings on five different things: The amount of single people, how many people in the city have college degrees, the amount of bars and restaurants per person, how much people pay for rent, and the quality of Internet access, so singles are able to utilize apps for dating.

Here are the top five cities:

Boulder, Colorado, Boston, Bridgeport, Connecticut, Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, and Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

The bottom five are:

Elizabethtown, Kentucky, Dalton, Georgia, Texarkana, Texas, Fort Smith, Arkansas, and Decatur, Alabama.

Worth noting: Albany, New York came in at #10, and Hartford is on the list at number 16. Click here to see the entire list.

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